…or how to not get a heart attack on the way to the moon

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Having been in the crypto space for some time I get asked frequently what the best investment strategy in crypto is. While there are many different strategies to apply as with every investment there is a specific one that I can recommend to everybody especially if you are not a professional investor. The main benefit of this strategy is that it takes away your stress level and keeps your focus on other things while you can still participate in the upside of the blockchain revolution.


Topics that will dominate the headlines in this very special year for crypto.

The year 2020 will be one for the books in the crypto world. Institutional adoption kicked off with multiple hundred-million-dollar investments in Bitcoin by prominent companies such as MicroStrategy and Square. The narrative of Bitcoin switched from speculative asset to store of value and hedge against fiat inflation during the pandemic. Mass adoption got more tangible with companies such as PayPal enabling crypto purchases for its 150 million users. DeFi applications dominating the summer and showcasing the practical advantage of decentralized finance. …

You probably did not know.

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Even though the world’s first cryptocurrency has been around for twelve years, there are still many facts about Bitcoin unknown by many. This seems ironic as the nature of Bitcoin and the underlying blockchain technology is transparency. In this post, I will share three facts about Bitcoin that most people, even crypto activated, are not aware of.

So, if you want to show off with some Bitcoin facts, you are in the right place.

Bitcoin’s First Price

It is not a secret that most people have become interested in Bitcoin because of its price performance over the last ten years rather than Satoshi…

The sentiment in the crypto space is similar to the boom and following bubble of 2017/2018 but there are some major differences

Bitcoin Price Chart (Screenshot from www.coindesk.com)

In the last two months, Bitcoin’s price rose from around USD 10k per Bitcoin to a new all-time high of around USD 19,8k. Not only did Bitcoin increased greatly in value but, also did most of the other major cryptocurrencies such as Ether and XRP with the total market cap increasing from USD 350bn to USD 550bn.

The current market reminds many crypto veterans of the boom and bust period of 2017/2018, where the crypto market made similar massive gains and then crashed. …

A crypto bank is not a contradiction but an enabler for making crypto assets mainstream and crossing the chasm of new technologies

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Last year the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority granted full Swiss banking licenses to two crypto projects. These “crypto banks” (one of them is Sygnum which I am a part of) were the first in the world to be regulatory compliant to offer traditional banking services such as brokerage, custody, lending, and assets management in the digital assets space. This being a historic decision for crypto and a sign that more and more lawmakers recognize the transformational nature of blockchain technology; that will create added value in countless applications in the financial services world and beyond. Just recently Kraken one…

During the current pandemic, Bitcoin is often compared to gold but it is very different from it, five major differences and their implications

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Even before the current COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting financial recession, many commentators put Bitcoin in the same basket with gold. The reason for this is their shared reputation as safe heaven assets and their supposedly anti-cyclic behavior to the equity markets.

People use to call Bitcoin the digital gold and to be honest, I used this comparison myself in the past. To explain the world’s first cryptocurrency to newbies as both assets have a limited supply and share the process of “mining” that generates more of the asset.

But I concluded that there is a major problem with this…

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Times change fast in the crypto and blockchain space. While in the last years many people (inclusive myself) were talking about the added value of blockchain implementation and revolutionary business models. There were few realized projects on the market and not many people were using them.

By now many projects moved from the proof of concept stage and have been launched on the Ethereum mainnet. Although also independent from it, DeFi boosted this adoption and brought many revolutionary new applications on the market that disrupt their off-chain equivalents. This attracted large numbers of users that use these applications frequently.


Three arguments why investing in Bitcoin is the right choice for companies and why they should follow MicroStaretgy’s example.

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Last week MicroStrategy, the world’s largest business intelligence company worth over $1.2 billion, announced that it had bought 21,454 Bitcoins worth approximately $250 million. This purchase was symbolic on multiple levels. First, MicroStrategy’s decision to keep its reserve in Bitcoin rather than in fiat is a clear vote of confidence in the digital currency. Second, the maximum supply of Bitcoin is 21 million which makes MicroStrategy holding 0.1% of all Bitcoins ever in existence. …

Had I known at the beginning of my crypto journey, I would have saved a lot of sweat, tears, and bitcoins.

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The crypto space is currently booming. After the so-called “crypto winter” in 2019 the industry is back in the spotlight with interesting use cases such as DeFi applications and the recent rise of Bitcoin over USD 10,000.

As in the past, when prices increase, many newbies want to enter the space. But for newcomers, there are multiple pitfalls to avoid, even though it has become much easier to invest compared to the past. I made some mistakes at the beginning of my crypto career and learned my lessons — which I am going to share. …

This blockchain glossary will get you familiar with some of the most important terms in the cryptocurrency & blockchain space.

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Bitcoin’s latest block reward halving brought crypto and blockchain back to mainstream attention. If you already do not understand some of the terms used in the first sentence you will at the end of this blog.

When I started to develop my passion for blockchain technology I did not understand most of the terms used in the space. I remember nodding my head multiple times at conferences even though I did not understand a single word. Step by step I increased my blockchain vocabulary and by now I can proudly say that I understand nearly every term.

As I believe…

Darius Moukhtarzade

Swiss blockchain & crypto enthusiast with working experience from startups to corporates in blockchain technology. Thankful being present from the beginning.

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